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2011 batting order for tigers

Posted on: November 26, 2010 12:51 pm
1. Austin Jackson  CF
2 Will Rhymes/Scott sizemore  a spring training competition
3 Victor Martinez C
4 Miguel Cabrera 1B
5 Jim Thome DH
6 Brennen Boesch RF
7 Johnny Peralta SS
8 Ryan Raburn  LF
9 Brandon Inge
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Posted on: November 30, 2010 1:49 pm

2011 batting order for tigers

I see them bringing Ordonez back before going after someone like Thome, especially since they would not have a spot for Thome when Avila is behind the plate and Martinez is the DH.

One way or another the Tigers are not done with free agency and I think that they will stick to their guns on getting someone that can play in the OF and has some pop in their bat.

I don't think that they will be able to compete in the Carl Crawford market, even though he would fit in nicely in LF at Comerica and in front of Cabrera in the lineup.

It seemed as though the Tigers were hot for Dunn right out of the gate, but with the signing of Martinez I think that puts Dunn out of the equation now.

I know they are interested in Werth and due to his agent, he will probably be signed later during free agency. The Tigers do have some familiarity with his agent so that may help them out in bringing Werth over from Philadelphia, so I would say that the Tigers would be one of the finalists to land Werth.

I think whatever else the Tigers decide to do this offseason is predicated on who they sign for a corner OF spot.

Here is one scenario: Say they somehow land Werth, and decide to bring back Ordonez at a reduced rate but with incentives (games played, make playoffs, etc.) that would increase his $$$. Here is what I think that would look like:

1) A. Jackson - CF
2) C. Guillen - 2B
3) M. Ordonez - RF
4) M. Cabrera - 1B
5) V. Martinez - DH
6) J. Werth - LF
7) B. Inge - 3B
8) J. Peralta - SS
9) A. Avila - C

In that scenario it gives the Tigers flexibility to get guys rest and fill in with other bats off the bench. On days that Martinez is behind the plate Ordonez could DH and Boesch could spot in at RF. I see Rhymes getting some time in at 2B regardless of Guillen's health. Sizemore's playing time will depend on how he looks in spring training.

I do not see the Tiger buying out Guillen's contract like they did with Sheffield. I think that Guillen will finish out the last year of his contract with the Tigers. The odds of him getting injured are too high so no team will give anything for him. The Tigers have already tried that before and no one took Guillen from them, not to mention that he makes too much money.

I don't think that the Tigers are done with their pitching staff either. It seems like they have 4 spots (Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, Coke) locked up but there are questions on who will fill in the #5 spot. Benoit fills the void in the bullpen that was left by moving Coke into the rotation, but the bullpen still needs to be shored up.

I would not be surprised to see the Tigers get 1 or 2 solid bats, 1 SP and 1 RP via free agency or trade before spring training rolls around.

All I know is: GO TIGERS!!!

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